Sonoma’s Haven Inc. was founded in June 2015 after witnessing a severe shortage of fosters able to take in rescue dogs who desperately needed a safe place to stay while their rescue searched for an adopter.
Without space, these organizations are essentially forced to stop rescuing other animals in need. There are also times when these poor animals require immediate medical attention or have special needs that call for additional assistance and care. With that, Sonoma’s Haven stepped in to help rescues to ensure they could continue saving more lives.
Sonoma’s Haven started as a small facility in Simonton, TX. However, after 2 major floods we moved out to Sealy, TX in 2018. While the floods were devastating, it allowed us to build a bigger and better facility.
Our quiet and peaceful property sits on a large plot of land creating a safe place for dogs to begin the process of healing and learning the joys of life. In our lounge area, equipped with couches and furniture, they can hang out, decompress and spend some one on one time with our staff and volunteers. Here they can truly begin to understand what it’s like to live in a home.

All our staff members love and have a passion for animals and treat each and every one as their own. We are the stepping stones for these dogs as they learn how to trust human beings again and enjoy life as we prepare them for a family.
We have a large fenced area where they can run and play and each dog is assigned a spacious kennel which helps to reduce the stress associated with boarding.
In addition to all of that we also have a mobile vet who comes by our facility regularly for routine care and treatment.
Every dog deserves a loving family so we network them as much as possible by taking pictures and videos. We also provide the option for video chats to encourage out of state adoptions. This sort of action helps us to ensure a good match.
While we can’t save every animal we are working all the time to find as many improvements and growth opportunities to allow us to save more. We are proud to offer this place as a true haven for those waiting to start a new and better chapter in life.

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